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Promote your local venues and get paid commission. Have party-goers enter your unique Organizer code when checking out in Vuuka app.
Experience or no experience, you can make money on your own schedule and terms. In addition, it’s free to start!

Work Anywhere Anytime

Work directly with venues and negotiate terms

Organizer Code

Share discounted pricing with your party-goers

No More Missed Headcount

No unnecessary suprises No missed payment

Earn Money Stress-free

Plan your schedule
and work anytime

Manage and Track Your Leads

Advertise and develop a larger network of

Payment Payout

Get Paid Ontime, securly and directly to your account

Why use Vuuka to promote

You don’t have to change your ways, Vuuka supports your valuable relationships with
Venues and party-goers. The technology of directly connecting you to venues, their events and partygoers;
which will allow you to focus more on spreading the word.

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