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About Vuuka

We’re proud to transform our passion and ideas into a reality. Three years of hard work and persistent dedication towards improving the nightlife industry and nightlife experience has led us here.

“Vuuka is a product for everybody. I’ve always wanted to create something that nightclub owners, partygoers and promoters could all benefit from.” – John Orija, Founder

Moving nightlife into the 21st century

Every day we would brainstorm how we can take a highly fragmented market and standardize it. This train of thought opened our eyes to real problems, rather than focusing on the symptoms of the problems – help nightclubs and promoters first so they can have the capability to provide partygoers a pleasant experience.
We have built a product to help nightclub establishments and promoters work better individually and together. Tackling the problems, we finally were able to cure the symptoms felt by partygoers with the introduction of the Vuuka experience.
Our goals were accomplished in spring of 2017! Finally, the nightlife industry will have the necessary tools to join the 21st century and it’s rate of progress. Now nightclubs can work efficiently, promoters can work faster, and partygoers can enjoy a better night out.

Our Team

John Orija

CEO, Founder

Vishal Dwivedi

Head of Product Development, Co-Founder

Edward Vilenskiy

Head of Business Development, Co-Founder


Head of Data Analysis